- new medical social network, which aims to improve and simplify communication between doctors and patients.


Our social network allows the patient to find the right specialist, to get a public and private online consultation, and to make an appointment with any doctor via the Internet. It is also possible to book an appointment with the doctor by phone using the phone number indicated on the doctor’s personal profile page.

In addition, our social network allows the patients to leave reviews of the doctors who have consulted and/or treated them. These reviews, as well as other information on the doctor’s profile page and in his/her medical journal, allow each patient to find the right specialist.


Joining our social network, the doctors provide their patients with an opportunity to find them quickly and easily, to contact them on issues of interest via the "Online consultation" page, as well as to book an appointment with them via the Internet. The information added to the profile of the doctor creates a detailed picture of the doctor’s education and skills. The doctors can answer all questions sent to them via a personal account, confirm and reject requests for an appointment. That functionality of the website improves and simplifies cooperation between the doctor and the patient.

In addition, using the "Medical Journal" page, the doctors can share their research papers, the results of medical research or just interesting articles with their colleagues, patients, as well as with all other users of the website. The most read articles will also be added to the home page of the website. is the first professional social network of doctors, open for both doctors and patients. In addition, is the first multinational medical social network. Another advantage of our social network is an opportunity to share medical articles with all users of our website. Ease of use is an additional distinctive advantage.


Development of the project is carried out with the support of Globalmed LLC. Our goal for the near future is to connect all countries of the world to our network. We are interested in and are always ready to cooperate with the companies that may contribute to the implementation of this plan.


Our social network is and will always be free!